10 Ways How To Get More Plays On SoundCloud

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It’s not an easy thing making your first artistic steps, especially in the highly lucrative, but extremely merciless world of music. That’s why numerous musicians, bands and producers have welcomed with a great enthusiasm the introduction of a new platform called SoundCloud, which is supposed to be their more reliable musical ally. However, SoundCloud just like any other social media doesn’t work entirely on its own. You need to work hard and invest quite a lot of your time, if you want to see some positive results in return. How to get more plays on your SoundCloud account? Well, this is a question, which haunts thousands of musicians and producers all over the world. This isn’t a rocket science, but in a certain way obtaining more plays on SoundCloud is some kind of a genuine art. Here are some of the most useful and efficient steps to begin with.

#1 Get More Plays on SoundCloud With A Paid Account

Here’s a simple truth about the social media. Just because you’re going to pay for some kind of a membership or premium account, it doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically benefit from it. However, it’s also true that with a paid account you’ll significantly improve your chances of achieving your goals. The same principle works for SoundCloud, as well. If you’re really determined to succeed, and you really believe in the power of your music, then you shouldn’t hesitate. Especially, if you have so many music pieces to upload. Just imagine a DJ, who has a 2-hour upload limit. That’s not enough for less than a handful of mixes. Right?

#2 When Music Talks – Leave A Comment

SoundCloud just like any other social network is all about interaction. It would be wrong to think that all you have to do is upload your music, and then, sit and wait for miracles to happen. If you really want to get more plays on SoundCloud, then you have to adopt a truly proactive attitude. Show your followers that a real person is behind your account. Comment as much as you can. Don’t hesitate to initiate discussions, and ask for feedbacks about your music, even if not all of them are positive ones.

#3 Strengthen Your Visual Identity With An Eye-Catching Avatar

Again, the successful musician takes care of so many things besides the music itself. We just can’t possibly stress enough how important an attractive design of your avatar for gaining additional plays on SoundCloud account with your music. You need to allow your followers to identify with both your visual and musical identity. That’s the only way to ensure a win-win scenario for your SoundCloud account. Even if you plan to hire a professional designer for this job, you can rest assured that this would be a great investment in more plays for your SoundCloud account.

#4 In Order To Be Followed, You Need To Follow First

It’s completely understandable that you want to get as many plays on SoundCloud as soon as possible. Yet, it’s also advisable to try walking in your followers’ shoes, first. At the same time, you can see first-hand what it takes to run a successful SoundCloud account. Therefore, don’t hesitate to spend some time as a follower, in order to gain the invaluable experience, which will allow you to get more followers for your own music.

#5 Tag, Tag, and then Tag again

When it comes to social networks, you just can’t have enough of tagging, can you? Each and any music piece you upload has to be tagged accordingly. There are so many things you can tag, such as the genre of music, producers, record labels, and similar. The more tags you make, the more plays on SoundCloud you can expect in return.

#6 The Magic of Widgets

Widgets can be your SoundCloud account’s invaluable little helpers. It’s always a great thing to associate your SoundCloud player with other social networks. If you want to ensure more plays for your SoundCloud account, then you have to make it extremely easy for listeners to follow and share your music through the Net. More widgets, more plays on SoundCloud, as simple as that.

#7 Don’t Miss A Good Time For A Successful Release

This tiny detail, you probably took for granted can significantly influence the number of plays on SoundCloud for any artist. How about weekends, as an ideal time for new releases? Why? Well, it’s actually quite simple. The majority of SoundCloud users, you’re trying to reach have regular jobs during a working week. Is there a better surprise, than a new music upload to wait for them at the end of the busy and exhausting week at work? Right?

#8 Make, But Also Listen (Other) Music

You’re eager to get more play on SoundCloud account you run. However, this shouldn’t mean that you have to be a narrow-minded and vain musician. You can’t possibly expect from your followers to follow and admire only your music. Show them that you’re equally passionate about the music yourself. Follow and comment other SoundCloud users’ accounts and music uploads.

#9 Honesty Has Always Been The Best Policy

If you’re uploading music, which is free to download, make sure you’re emphasizing this crucial fact for gaining more plays on SoundCloud. On the other side, you need to be honest to your followers, if your music isn’t free to download. In the long run, an honest and a straightforward approach always pays off. You need plays, which will bring more plays on SoundCloud account you manage. Right again?

#10 The Power of SoundCloud Descriptions

This is one more example, how often we neglect the true “goldmines” for getting invaluable plays on SoundCloud. You don’t have to write a novel that comes almost without saying. Yet, at the same time, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to include an additional call for action through thoughtfully composed SoundCloud descriptions. For instance, “if you like it – share it”, “tell me what you think about this one”, etc.

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