SoundCloud Growth Hacks 1.0

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SoundCloud how to

A lot of people want to end up being famous in whatever it is that they do. This is true for artists as well because most of them wish to be the next big thing.For lots of artists, this is just a dream, because they do not have the resources or the skill to go […]

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Your Top 10 SoundCloud Tips

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Life is an ongoing journey where one has to pass through the very different phases. Life poses difficulties and hardships which are sometimes difficult to deal with. In fact, deprivations, sufferings or difficult times cannot be avoided, so what is the best solution in between. Of course, learn to deal with them effectively. Emmm! There […]

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10 Ways How To Get More Plays On SoundCloud

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It’s not an easy thing making your first artistic steps, especially in the highly lucrative, but extremely merciless world of music. That’s why numerous musicians, bands and producers have welcomed with a great enthusiasm the introduction of a new platform called SoundCloud, which is supposed to be their more reliable musical ally. However, SoundCloud just […]

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