How to Download a Song from SoundCloud

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Music is one of the top most hobbies for many out there. Music helps some people to unwind, some to express their emotions and merely a hobby to relax or enjoy for others. Previously, iPods had taken over the music industry but now it’s just easier to download music into your phones directly. Why is this? It is convenient as one always tends to carry their phones so having music on the go with you is what you may need.

So you want to download your songs ?

These days there are many music applications that can help you download music directly into your phones. However, what has taken the music industry by a storm in the last few years is SoundCloud. It is super easy to use and convenient for all. Just download the application directly into your phones. And apart from this, all you need is a good wifi or cellular connection to listen to music on the go. And this also helps with your track plays – other people can more easily access them as well.

SoundCloud has a wide variety of all your favorite songs with various remixes. On top of that, you can click on the heart button at the left bottom of the screen to like it in order to access it easily in your collection at a later time.

Also, you can share it to your public platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc with just a click. In fact, you can even share it on WhatsApp with your loved ones. They can, in turn, access it easily so long as they have the SoundCloud application on their phones.

SoundCloud Access Options

Soundcloud is not just limited to phones but it can be accessed on your computers and tabs as well very easily. All you need is your personalized account on Soundcloud which can be through a Facebook login or a new account as well. Access it anywhere after this on the go. Music is just a click away. Click on search and type in your favorite song and you’ll have a list in front of you with various remixes as well for your variety. Choose your favorite and viola! You have your favorite music on.

Another great thing about it is that you needn’t worry about changing your phones and having to go through the trouble of transferring your songs from your phone to your PC’s or vice versa. Just download the application and type in your login and password to access your collection. Keep adding more music. It’s as easy as that. Also, you save all that space on your phone. No unnecessary space on your phones and no limit on Soundcloud either. So like away, build your collection and listen to all your favorites.

Apart from this, you can download music without having to go through the stress of finding a link to download your music from. You just need to type in the song in the search bar and it’s there. Other applications can be annoying as you to have to look for the perfect link to the download which can be annoying.


So SoundCloud for the win. Download your favorite music right away. ;]

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