How to Get SoundCloud Followers, Plays & Likes

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So you made your profile on SoundCloud and uploaded your first song, the same song that you spent weeks of hard work on and will be the first time people hear just how awesome you are. You want followers, likes, plays. You uploaded that song and are now waiting patiently for the millions of people on SoundCloud to hear it and follow any future pieces that you upload.

The problem is that the followers aren’t coming, and you’re sitting at your computer, waiting for the attention that you so rightfully deserve. Keep reading, because this little guide is the key on how to get more plays and how to get more followers on SoundCloud.


Establish your profile

Choose an Awesome Avatar

In all your excitement, you made your profile and uploaded your song, but you never designated your profile header or your avatar image. The first thing most people do is judge a book by its cover, and your potential SoundCloud followers are no different. Setting up a great avatar and a header is your first step to branding yourself as an artist.

Make sure that your avatar picture and your header are distinct and unique. These images are icons that your potential followers will not only associate with your sound, but also with you. When setting up your avatar and your header, ask yourself not only how it will convey you as an artist, but also whether or not it markets the genre from which you are working.

Specify That You Allow Your Tracks to be Remixed

There’s a huge market on SoundCloud for EDM DJs. If you give permission for DJs to remix your sound in the track description, not only will you get more likes and followers from these DJs, you’ll also get shout outs from the DJs who sampled your track. The DJs listeners will become your listeners. This is a great way to get more followers on SoundCloud fast.

Write a Good Description with a Call to Action

That’s one of the best ways to promote your SoundCloud and get SoundCloud plays. In your profile, you have to establish a description of who you are and what your music is about. If you have a specific genre, mention it. Not only that, but you have to establish a call to action.

This means urging people to follow you, to hit like if they like your music and to share your music with their friends. Your best source of advertising will be your followers, and they are important for promoting your SoundCloud. If you don’t establish a call to action, then people won’t feel as inclined to share your page with their friends.

Try to Focus on a Single Genre

Focus is important in every endeavour, including getting famous on SoundCloud. This is a critical part of your branding as an artist. The most successful artists have a very distinct sound that sets them apart from the rest.

By focusing on a single genre, you tap into a niche market that will appreciate your music. Think of how you tap into these niches like one would use a shovel. If the shovel is wide with no edge, it will only be able to scoop up the surface of the earth.

If you were to use a more narrow spade, you’d be able carve a deeper hole into a specific place. Carve deep into a specific fan base, that’s where the treasure is, and that is where you’ll get famous on SoundCloud. That’s how you get more followers on SoundCloud ;]


SoundCloud URLs Are Public. SEO Them

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means how easy it is for a search engine like Google or Bing to find your site or page. Search engines utilize specific algorithms that correlate key words and the number of times a page or site uses the keywords in conjunction with how many time that page is opened. What does this means in layman’s terms? It means that if you want to get more SoundCloud followers, you have to set your profile name, your URL, and your description to include terms that people are likely to search for.

I’d recommend setting your URL to your profile name. I’d also recommend including your genre and the type of sound you want to want to convey in your description. For example, let’s say you’re in a ska band called the Surf Turtles. You’d want to edit your URL to say surfturtles and let that also be your profile name. That’s a good way to get your music heard in SoundCloud. In you description there should be some mention of ska music.

That way, if anyone searches for either your band or for ska music, your page is more likely to appear, and is more likely to appear somewhere higher in the list. This technique can also be utlilized in your other social media pages, so that even if your SoundCloud isn’t the first thing to appear, people can find your Twitter, or your Facebook Page, which will then supply them with links so you can get your music heard on Soundcloud.


Social Networking

If You Want More SoundCloud Plays, Follow More Artists

That’s right, if you want to get followers, you need to like and follow some of your peers. The beauty of SoundCloud is that not only does it function as a platform for songs and podcasts to be heard, but it also functions as a social media platform. By following other artists and liking their songs, the other artists will feel inclined to give you the same treatment.

Not only will this immediately produce a follower, but it can also lead to a friendship where you and that artist can promote each other. If you repeat this process several times, you can eventually establish a support network of likeminded artists, and all of you can work together to get more plays on SoundCloud.

Find and Join SoundCloud Groups to promote your SoundCloud

Remember earlier it was mentioned that following your peers can result in you getting more plays and followers on SoundCloud? Well joining a SoundCloud group can do the same thing in a big way. Joining a group on SoundCloud can be beneficial because it connects you to other artists who can help you on the road to stardom, and it also adds another platform for you to upload your music through.

Finding a SoundCloud group that works for you can be a little tricky because not only do you have to find a group that fits your genre or niche, but also the group needs to be responsive to your posts. When you make an upload through the group, it’s not going to be heard unless a moderator approves it. If you’re not finding any groups that fit your style or your needs, then you can always start your own group with the assistance of the other artists you’ve been following.

Write a Lot of Comments

This will get your music heard. Considering how social SoundCloud is, it’s important to offer feedback and compliment your peers. Comments are crucial. Be positive in your writings; people like that, and those people are likely to follow you on SoundCloud. Also, don’t forget to promote yourself or specific tracks in the comments. Every chance you get to interact with others is an opportunity for you to market yourself, that’s how to get SoundCloud followers.

Respond to Private Messages and Comments

Let’s say at this point you are starting get more SoundCloud plays, and people are responding to your sound through the comments and the messages. These people are potential fans that can last a life time. It’s important that you respond to these fans to not only convey that you are not some distant corporate machine, but that you are a person.

By being personal with your followers, you retain their loyalty, and you expand the chances that they will share your music. And of course you get more views, increase followers, likes and plays !

Be positive in your writings

Nobody likes negativity. By being positive in your writings, whether they be comments, messages, or responses to comments and messages, be sure to be friendly and constructive. When you communicate, you’re communicating not as just some random person, but as an artist and a brand. It’s important that people associate your brand with something positive. Don’t be a jerk. Be cool with people and they will be cool with you.

Use other Social Network Sites to Share your Tracks and your Profile

Another method to get more views on SoundCloud is to promote your profile and your tracks through other social media outlets. If you already have a Facebook or a Twitter with a large number of friends or followers, this is great. By sharing your profile or posting your tracks on your other social media pages, you will essentially be importing your followers from the other outlets to your SoundCloud.

This can also prove to be a huge boon to your fan base because if you were paying attention, you’d know that your followers are your biggest source of advertisement. If you’re getting followers from outside of SoundCloud, and you maintain a positive relationship with these people, then it would stand to reason that they too can share and promote your profile and your music.


Go Pro on SoundCloud


Consider Upgrading to SoundCloud Pro

So let’s say that your standard SoundCloud profile isn’t doing enough for you. Yeah, you’re starting to get some plays and followers, but you’re also starting to notice that with all of your track uploading you are running out of space. With your standard “Partner” SoundCloud membership, you only get 3 hours of upload time. Once you reach that three hour limit, you’ll have to delete some tracks or playlists to makes space for new material.

On top of that, you may know you have an audience, but you don’t know much about your audience, like who’s playing your music the most, or where they are from. Upgrading your account to Pro can expand the limits of what you can do with your profile, and upgrading to pro unlimited can expand your sound even further, which is a great step to views on SoundCloud.

For the price of $7 a month, you can enjoy these benefits. That’s the price of a Netflix subscription, or two cups of coffee, depending on whether or not you like extra flavors and whip cream. If you want to enjoy even more options and access, then you can go Pro Unlimited, which has bonuses which will be outlined below.




The benefits of Going Pro

Six hours of upload time

This means that you double the amount of content you can have available for your listeners. Having more content available means more plays that you can get, and it also means there’s more potential for someone to find something of yours that they really like. They can then share that piece with their friends and you can get more followers! If you go Pro Unlimited, then instead of just 6 hours of upload time, you can have an unlimited upload quota.

More specific stats and more data

With the pro package, you can see who’s playing your music the most, which can grant you a better understanding of who your market actually is. On top of that you can see where the plays are coming from. With the pro package, you’ll be able to see in what countries your tracks are popular. All these stats are quite important tools. With the Pro Unlimited package, the data gets even more specific. You’ll not only know what countries your music is playing in, but you’ll also know which cities, which SoundCloud pages, which music applications and even other websites.

By knowing exactly where you have your audience, you’ll have an idea of where to expand. The regional information is especially useful because then you’ll know where to stage a tour and play live if you have the inclination.

More Control

With the plus package, you’ll be able have control over comments on your page. You can leave them on, which is great if you want to see what your viewers have to say about you or your work, or you can turn them off for when you have to focus more on uploading your music or editing your page. You can also do this with your public stats.

With the SoundCloud Pro package, you’ll also have agency over where your tracks and playlists are located. With a click of a button you’ll be able place your songs or your playlists at the top of your page, where it will be easier for visitors to find and listen to your music. You’ll also be able to update your tracks without losing statistics of who’s been listening to them.

This is really handy if you find that that a song you uploaded isn’t polished, or if you got some new equipment that can produce a higher quality sound. These control based features are all available with the Pro package as well the Pro Unlimited. To learn more about these packages, click here.

The Easy Way

Buying SoundCloud Plays, Likes, Followers, Reposts, Comments and Views

Listen, the truth is that there’s an easier way. This doesn’t make the advises above obsolete, but rather increases their power. Here’s how it works.

A lot of people actually buy all of these, just like they buy Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc. Just how they buy links for SEO. By doing that they accomplish a couple of things:

  1. They give a boost to their account in the early days. Every start is hard, and having some initial plays, likes, followers and reposts actually stimulates people to give you more of these !
  2. SoundCloud’s search actually gives you higher rankings when you have more plays and general statistics. Makes sense, doesn’t it ?
  3. They stimulate conversations. You’d only comment on a discussion with more than 2 people – the owner and his mom, won’t you ?

Are you convinced yet ? Here’s where you can buy all of these:


In Conclusion

Getting more popular on SoundCloud takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of networking. You have develop your profile and your brand in a distinct and meaningful way, as well as you have establish yourself with other artists and groups to get plays and followers. You’ll need to expand through other social media outlets as well create new avenues where your tracks can be heard. It is a lot of work to be producing these tracks as well as regularly promoting them in conjunction with yourself.

The hard truth is that becoming famous on SoundCloud takes a lot of effort and time, and not everybody can do it.  If you do want to be taken seriously, you’ll want to follow this guide and put in the time and the effort. Keep these steps in mind, and before you know it, you’ll getting more followers on SoundCloud than you’ll know what do with. Also use our service to boost up your initial stats – you won’t regret it and you’ll see the avalanche effect soon after.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to comment below or directly get in touch with us ;]

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